It is the policy of John Plott Company, Inc. to maintain a safe and healthy environment for all employees, subcontractors and clients on our project sites by:

  • Continuous training and development
  • Complying with all federal, state and local safety guidelines
  • Using sound judgment, common sense and safe practices on all job sites
  • Protecting the public and the environment from the hazards associated with our activities

A safe environment on any construction site is the result of efforts by every Team Member. Each person has some responsibility for the overall safety of the project. We are training employees to respect safety, budget, schedule and quality that are important for all successful projects.

Our clients have a reputation to protect. Our employees have families that depend on them. John Plott Company, Inc. is motivated to provide our employees the training it takes to ensure both are well served.

Click here for OSHA Law & Regulations.


John Plott Health and Safety manual